Real Time Photos & Videos for traveler's friends

EmotionBox is a prototype of a connected object that lets your friends follow your trip in real time and so they can snap photos & videos.

EmotionBox features

Photos & Videos

Let your friends request a live photo or video instantly; 5 megapixel photo resolution; 1080p at 30 fps video resolution


Allow your friends to view location, speed, and elevation; collect 4 positions per second, 10 meters accuracy position, 0.1 m/s velocity


Bluetooth enabled internet connectivity through your smart phone, saving its battery life with BLE


Photos, videos, and GPS locations are automatically saved on the embedded 8GB micro SD card before being sent to the web

About Me

I’m Stéphane, a French technologist and motorcycle enthusiast.
The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
-M. Proust

The EmotionBox project started in June 2014, when I wanted to give my friends live updates of my 5000km road trip through Western Europe. The goal was to share photos with my friends from a website that I created, where the photos could be requested in real-time through my iPhone’s camera and a special app developed by yours truly. When I returned from my trip, I realized that more than 70 friends snapped over 300 photos of my journey that I couldn’t shoot as I was riding on my bike.

The EmotionBox was conceived after my followers expressed their excitement, admiration, and, in the case of my mother, reassurance as they watched my travels.

One year later, after working through fall and winter, I create a connected object based on Raspberry Pi, which can now be easily attached to my bike and allow more functionality than just photos, like video clips.

This summer will be the true test of the EmotionBox, involving a 4000km ride through the Iberian Peninsula. I hope you, along with my friends and family, will join in on this epic road trip by taking photos and videos via the the picmyride website. If you want to be a part of the trip, just go to the dedicated website:

The EmotionBox is not only for avid bikers, but for all travelers with its easy attachment to any object (backpack, boat, car, saddle). If you want to test a prototype, click here.

The EmotionBox is less of selling myself, like on other social media, but it's an emotional connection to those who tune in.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your summer!


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